Propagation of good (or bad) practices in the digital factory FoF


What have of different GP (good practices) in the FOF from the traditional factory ones? :

Basically that their dependence on intelligent IT made them prone to both much better outputs, and much more risk of errors.

This means that industrial GP´s in the digital factory must explicitly improve the reliability of     ST 8 AI in terms of:

  1. Matching math-physical simulation computing precission and not less important,
  2. In assuring the deep understanding by people of the involved laws:
  • Laws around the models
  • Laws of their embebbed computer science.




Propagation of GP´s or BP (bad practices).

The FOF core soul is intense interaction among people, robots, and A.I-ICT´s, that leads to

  • amplified of outputs, being good or bad.
  • Very high propagation speed through the corporative I.T. nets, then
  • … Instability, at less that the information is sounded, reliable and cristal clear without any chance to he misunderstood.
  • Zero incubation time because of the full confidence and dependence on the Systems


The CIO crucial role as a creator of GP´s and curator of BP´s goes much more ahead than the traditional one as a mere advanced IT facilitator.