Secure production and quality processes with Captor®.
  • Support for both operators in execution and managers in analysis.

  • Execute your production plan on target and on time, every time.

  • Monitors performance and reacts to incidents the moment they happen.

  • Your operations made easy with Captor®. Simple, intuitive and guided with relevant, in-context information.

  • Quality execution - guaranteed.

  • Visual rendering of product, process and material traceability.

  • Make valuable data-driven decisions with dynamic analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) made simple.

Effectiveness of Continuous Improvement

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Captor to your new process


you and your team so you get maximum value


you in every step of integrating Captor® into your operations and analysis


your continuous improvement with Captor®

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Sercore, fabricante de componentes de automoción, nos habla de su experiencia con Captor.


Cantabria Labs, fabricante de productos cosméticos y farmacéuticos para el cuidado y salud dermatológico relata su experiencia utilizando CAPTOR MES como sistema de gestión de planta para el aseguramiento de la ejecución de producción, de la calidad, la trazabilidad y el análisis para la mejora de los procesos.