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Advanced Engineering

Sisteplant Engineering is our advanced engineering and industrial consulting division. Our philosophy is focused on achieving operational excellence through agility and process flexibility.

We help create competitive companies, building models that respond to the challenges of a constantly evolving economy and the uncertainties that come with it.

Value we bring you, our clients

  • Decades of experience and proven methodology combined for practical results.

  • We support you from the definition of your strategy right through to the implementation of the co-designed actions.

  • Knowledge transfer. Sustainable change over time.

  • High-level resources with the support of a multidisciplinary team specializing in organization, manufacturing technologies and process automation, with the know-how to apply practical solutions in your plant.

What we offer

Strategic consulting

The advice you need to define your industrial strategy.


We design and implement robust, agile and efficient processes.


We put both proprietary and internationally-recognized methodologies into practice within your unique context. (Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, APQP, Tecnoiplant, VSM, Kaizen,…).

Business consulting

Our focus is on improving your results.



We transfer our knowledge to you so that you can make the changes we achieve sustainable.


We put at your disposal qualified resources and specialists in the areas your challenges require.

Business intelligence


The future of your company depends on the efficiency of the models you put in place to strengthen your competitiveness and sustainability. But what works today won’t necessarily work tomorrow. At Sisteplant, we know that knowledge and experience are the only way to guarantee positive growth in today’s constantly shifting market.

Sisteplant will help your company improve your results through:

  • Operational transformation for cost efficiency, revenue growth and quality assurance.

  • Reimagining business models as more flexible, both in your means and your people.

  • Consideration of mergers, acquisitions and disinvestment as mechanisms for generating operational value.

  • Co-creation of strategy and business plans to break into new markets.

We lead the digital transformation of your operations to achieve maximum asset utilization and cost reduction, to increase efficiency, to insist on operational excellence, to update and improve customer services. In general, we’ll make sure your organization responds effectively to a world that demands more and more personalized and innovative products and services – and faster.
Our in-depth knowledge of industry best practices, grounded in solid methodology, lets us help you make your supply chains more flexible and agile, creating sustainable and efficient models.
We analyze the action/decision and information flows of your processes, studying the load/capacity of your resources, identifying and eliminating inefficiencies, establishing main and auxiliary lines to meet tight process deadlines and directly involving your teams in the design of what your organization WILL look like. True company-wide change must include every member of your organization.
The future of your company depends on the efficiency of the models you put in place to strengthen your competitiveness and sustainability. But what works today won’t necessarily work tomorrow. We learn from the past, and mine value that can be used to flourish in this constantly changing market.
Achieving maximum asset utilization is a challenge for any company;
it might involve measures that have real impact on your gross or net margin; it could be establishing mechanisms that guarantee the reinvestment of savings to areas that will allow you to generate more value. We take all of these essential aspects into account.

Tecnoimantis an innovative management model for your maintenance. It focuses on increased efficiency, which lets you align your objectives, functions, technologies, organizational model, systems and working methods with the principles of an agile, lean and efficient organization focused on the systematic reduction of waste. You can apply it across multiple sectors thanks to its versatility and its conception as a structured model for organization, operations, analysis and action.

TIM MRO is the methodology (based on Lean-MRO and Tecnoimant) applied by Sisteplant across the land, naval-offshore and aerial fields of Transport, Energy and Defence to optimize results in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul operations.

Goldgym is the Industrialization, Automation and Re-manufacturing department of Sisteplant Engineering. Its mission is to provide companies with innovative solutions that bring you more efficient workflows and maximum use of your assets. Goldgym is proving crucial to you, our clients in scenarios with high technological change in materials and processes and in Smart Manufacturing, particularly in SCAVA (Short Series High Added Value) sectors.
You already know that being proactive and adding real value in customer services is the best way to boost future sales. You’ll sell more in terms of equipment, facilities and software from the increased customer loyalty this generates. At Sisteplant we’ve built our own methodology to evolve your traditional After Sales Services into next-gen servitization of customer relationships by combining intelligent technologies and ensuring your organization is aligned with the New Business Model.
The combination of Lean and Agile Design Methodologies lets you effectively manage life cycle and value flow in the design stage. This not only reduces launch lead time, it ensures efficient industrialization and sustainability during and at the end of your products’ lifecycle. You get significant reductions in the associated timelines and costs so you can improve your services and, ultimately, compete better.

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