The only tool you need for managing and deploying Continuous Improvement in your organization.
  • Definition of all of your business objectives and improvement goals.

  • Cascade deployment to ensure traceability between local and strategic indicators.

  • Agile unification and control of your organization’s initiatives.

  • Improvement cycle management.

  • Progress monitoring of your actions and their impact on KPIs. Strategic oversight of your improvement efforts.

  • In-depth measurement of impact on your revenue.

  • 360º management of improvement groups: minutes, work plans, documentation, analysis standards.

  • Indexed directory of initiatives, results, best practices, etc.

Continuous improvement with real impact

Can handle any Continuous Improvement chain

iTracker is a solution designed to adapt to any Continuous Improvement chain, from the conception of high-level improvement plans through deployment and follow-up.

iTracker’s flexibility means it adapts seamlessly to your organization’s culture. It brings order to your Continuous Improvement process and its integration with Radical Improvement.

More than 30 years

Our wealth of experience in Industrial Strategy and Engineering Operations, Production, Quality and Maintenance makes us uniquely suited to design and develop practical, agile solutions.


iTracker boasts an unrivaled range of reports and queries. And just like all the other systems in the Sisteplant suite, it’s packed with tools designed to make the user experience more flexible.


iTracker is a Puntonet application that’s fully integrated with other Sisteplant Manufacturing Intelligence Suite systems (Captor®, Prisma® and Promind®).

Trust us

Sisteplant has more than 2000 references. These are some of them:

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