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Sisteplant Engineering is the advanced engineering and industrial and strategic consulting division of our company. Our philosophy, driven by Lean Manufacturing, isfocused onoperational excellence You´ll achieve this through process agility and flexibility, balanced automation, cost orientation and innovation. We help create competitive companies, building models that respond to the challenges of a constantly evolving economy and the uncertainties that come with it.


We’ll transform your maintenance processes, boosting your operations and analysis with industry-leading CMMS Prisma®.

Prisma® helps both technicians in maintenance execution and managers in decision making, bringing you technical management focused onasset reliability.

What improvements can you expect?:

Asset reliability


of companies using Prisma® improve the reliability of their assets while reducing their maintenance costs.

Source: IV Prisma® Impact Study
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Get highly-productive and high-quality processes with Captor®

Captor® helps operators with production and quality execution and managers with monitoring, visual management, traceability and analytics to drive operational improvement.

What improvements can you expect?:

Improve your OEE


of the companies that use Captor® have been able to improve their OEE or reduce their lead time.
Source: IV Captor® Impact Study
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Promind® is a Machine Learning tool that revolutionizes the daily management of production and maintenance.

What improvements can you expect?:

Improvements in QUALITY



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Management and deployment of Continuous Improvement in your organization.

Meet iTracker®, the perfect tool for the management and deployment of Continuous Improvement in your organization, fully integratable with Sisteplant solutions.

What improvements can you expect?:

Effectiveness of Continuous Improvement

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