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Dream Innovate Challenge

We are a sector-leading company in industrial engineering and organization. Our mission is to leverage innovative organizational techniques and the most advanced information and manufacturing technologies so our clients thrive. We Dream, we Innovate and we live for Challenges

To create smarter, more human organizations that digitally evolve to become an example for their community

Dream, Innovate, Challenge

Sector-leaders in Advanced Industrial Engineering.


Sisteplant was born out of a hope, a dream we’ve been working on for 35 years. At the core are our team, our customers and our network of partners. We want to build a better world and let people thrive.


We listen to you, our clients. We learn from you and we innovate together as a team. You are our greatest investment. You let us turn our ideas into reality by harnessing our combined talent.


Challenge. We take on your challenges and make them our own. From the innovation and experience the team brings together,

Solid and practical projects grow and flourish, driven by the right technologies for each challenge. We immerse ourselves fully in this exhilarating mission to bring value to society.

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A history about innovation and commitment

Our milestones

  • ● We were born in 1984 with just a dream and the unwavering support of the many who believed in the project (and with a different name: Datalde). A start-up in the true sense of the word, we were led by Dr. Pr. Javier Borda, President of SISTEPLANT, who wove our clear vocation into the company: a mission to leverage our experience to achieve operational excellence in industrial organization, production processes and their maintenance in any sector of activity.
  • This was the decade we created our IT division, giving life to our first PRISMA system (CMMS) which encompassed advances such as prediction, optimization of maintenance variables and integrated expert systems.
  • We published a book. Written by Javier Borda, "Advanced Maintenance" was a milestone as a guide for the modernization of maintenance.
  • We launched the first iteration of our CAPTOR (MES) system, a landmark contribution to plant control. Our family of advanced systems for operations and maintenance was growing.
  • That family soon welcomed PRISMA II.
  • Another book, "Predictive Maintenance", was the first in Spain to shed light on this complex discipline.
  • We opened offices and subsidiaries in Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico and Brazil,
  • our extended family growing to 80 professionals worldwide.
  • Goldgym was born. A division specializing in flexible automation for SCAVA (Short Series High Added Value) that exploded onto the scene in fields such as Aerospace, Defense and Energy.
  • We reimagined our Strategy and Industrial Organization methodologies as a new concept created by Sisteplant: The Human Factory. It aligned and empowered people within organizations by nurturing their capabilities in highly competitive factories.
  • We made Seville another home away from home.
  • Our Web applications PRISMA3 and CAPTOR3 came online.
  • Our company had now grown to a community of 100 people
  • Today we find ourselves in a period of intense innovation and growth.
  • We’ve integrated Alfabyte, a leading plant systems company.
  • We’ve co-created and actively participated in Automotive Smart Factory, the first European plant built under the axioms of Industry 4.0.
  • We’ve organized the first three consecutive Advanced Manufacturing Congresses whose growing success further cements our image and prestige.
  • We’ve evolved our methodologies and operations to bring people into the New Advanced Factory, within the "Human 4.0" model our engineers have developed within the framework of our People Integrated Manufacturing concept.
  • We’ve created another generation (the 4th) of our products: CAPTOR 4 and PRISMA 4, conceived to reflect the principles of the 4.0 scenario.
  • PROMIND, (Machine Learning), our Machine Learning and process optimization system based on Artificial Intelligence, has joined the family, taking its place in Sisteplant´s Manufacturing Intelligence suite.
  • Today, our team is 150 strong and growing.
2015- Present

Sisteplant in figures


People working at Sisteplant

150 experts across disciplines like Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Automation, Organization and Information Technology.



Clients can now find our services and products on 5 continents.


To innovation

We allocate 20% of our turnover to innovation.

Quality projects

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End users

More than 300,000 end users of our technologies

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More than 2,000 customers worldwide

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More than 4,000 projects completed

Commitment to innovation

Innovate to compete

At Sisteplant, we insist on innovation to bring advances to you, our customers. We promote values and mindsets open to innovation and entrepreneurship, nurturing creativity and a passion for knowledge. We know people are the engine of the shift towards positive change, so we promote free and critical thinking to boost that innovative spirit.
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Investment in innovation
We allocate 20% of our annual turnover to R&D.
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Editions of our client think tanks

Our Client Club and Excellence Club are where we go to interact with you, our customers, and where our models and systems find fertile ground for improvement thanks to the fresh, practical ideas you bring.

Contribution to the Community

People Management

Contribution to society

Good Governance and Transparency


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We’re looking for talent like yours

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At Sisteplant we believe in talent, we believe in people.
Working as a team to create and implement technology is what drives us each day.


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Partners Network

El Programa Partner de Sisteplant fomenta e impulsa una comunidad de partners transparente y en crecimiento, con el objetivo de conseguir el beneficio mutuo. Si su meta es agregar valor añadido al portafolio de soluciones, ampliar la cuota de mercado y ofrecer soluciones innovadoras, esta es su comunidad.

Sisteplant Partner Program es un proyecto conjunto con el Partner, en el que desarrollamos acciones de marketing, trabajamos con herramientas conjuntas y nos sumergimos en un proyecto de formación en varios niveles.

De esta manera, garantizamos que los equipos de ventas y de soporte técnico tengan los conocimientos necesarios para ofrecer nuestras soluciones con un valor añadido.

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