Transform your maintenance by letting Prisma® handle your operations and analysis.

  • Centralize all your asset information in Prisma for a truly 360º overview.

  • Effectively and efficiently eliminate corrective maintenance.

  • Empower your technicians with our intuitive App and guided processes.

  • Extend assetlife-cycles by fixing breakdowns before they happen.

  • Prioritize your efforts with more impactful preventive maintenance.

  • Improve the big picture with dynamic analysis and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied simply.

Advanced Maintenance Management

Prisma® is the leading CMMS system on the market: modular, scalable and flexible.

With PRISMA® we have succeeded in integrating the most advanced technologies, like knowledge management and artificial intelligence, making them intuitive so you can put them to work on your advanced maintenance management.

More than 30 years

We’ve been developing solutions for technical maintenance management since 1990.

Market leader

Prisma® is the market leader in asset management solutions. More than 2,000 companies worldwide have transformed their maintenance with Prisma®. 50,000 technicians are using PRISMA to respond to over a million job requests.

Modular and scalable

From asset inventory to maintenance policy optimization. Whether on one site or across hundreds around the world. Prisma® has your organization covered.


Flexibility to fit each user like a glove with built-in customization tools. And for your IT team, an integrated end-to-end development environment to work with.


High-fidelity protection, proactive defense, and continuous security improvement

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Asset availability
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Asset reliability
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Maintenance costs
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Prisma® to your new process.

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PRISMA® está presente en el sector servicios, inmuebles, infraestructuras e industria.





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Prisma® is present in companies from all sectors in more than 30 countries.

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Menshen Iber

Menshen Iber

Ecocentral Granada

Ecocentral Granada


Azud, a company from Murcia with more than 30 years of experience designing, manufacturing and commercializing irrigation, filtering and water treatment systems, tells us about their experience with PRISMA.

Port of Huelva

The Port Authority of Huelva tells us their experience with PRISMA as a maintenance management system for all their assets and auxiliary services

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