Advances of robotized predictive Maintenance (PdM) by Sisteplant

(PdM) is a yet old practice, and main innovations on have been sticked to more advanced -sophis ticated instrumentation.
Now, the cyber factory promises a different paradigm much more ahead than more automation
intensity. It becomes:

  • Perfection obsessed,
  • Prediction maniac, and
  • Reactive nervous.

The three leading to “filtered-interactive-real time events in every corner”, full scored in (PdM) that places in the very core of the reliability of sophisticated equipment.

The interactive real-time will be supported in on-line data capture and Plant Control Monitoring (PCM), and the filtering of massive amount of rough data in A.I. Machine Learning software as Promind®.

But this filtering is much more than simply select relevant-alarms related info from the rough, it’ll go beyond as:
*   Recognizing patterns of faults from past history
*   Crafting preventive maintenance actions to avoid them
** Giving the current-predicted entropy (S) and technological OEE (Et)
*   Fixing the LCC bath-curve valid now, and latest Weibull parameters
*   Robot collaborative automation of gap-tasking: Hum robots

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