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Conocerás las experiencias de otras empresas que utilizan Prisma y Captor o han reorganizado sus operaciones con ayuda de Sisteplant y podrás compartir ideas con otros usuarios de diferentes organizaciones.
El compromiso, la ambición, la colaboración solidaria, la creatividad, el rigor y la disciplina son genes innegociables en la cultura y ADN de cualquier organización que esté planteándose una Transformación 4.0.

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febrero 18, 2022

When designing in A.I. you straight find that any apparently trivial problem always takes a complex math-conception and programming. Heuristics, Recursivity and massive data are at the very core of it. So, it means that a carefully optimization of algorithms is essential, in terms of structure and equivalent formulas with very low relative error (ε).

julio 2, 2021

At the cyber – FoF’s core very essences are Reliability and Intelligent software. Without them:
  • Operation performance is unstable.
  • Operations technology fundamental laws are ignored.
Consequence: With a high automated – sophisticate environment, a very poor plant quality and throughput. Reliability in modern conception means near 100% confidence on:
  • Product quality and life–span
  • Process repeatability, and
  • Machine continuous repeatable running.
But with an holistic conception among them. I mean, that a permeable transmission of clever – filtered technological info preventing yet problems and improving future, must be set up between product, process, and maintenance. The role of Promind®, the Prisma®’s A.I. module, is to

mayo 14, 2021

Authors: Ana Borda Zabala, Msc Industrial Engineer, Phd student in SDU, University of Southern Denmark. Javier Borda Elejabarrieta. Dr. Mechanical Engineer, Msc. Math models, MBA, Yachtmaster Captain, President of Sisteplant, S.L.

THE CONTEXT and INTRODUCTION Frequently identified as a “classic industry”, this meaning traditional practices and technology, the nature of its operation says just the opposite:

  • One of kind complexity
  • Enormous design challenges
  • Difficult handling of sizes and weights
  • Increasingly high tolerances, first time quality
  • Shorter delivery times and need for synchronization
  • Increasing emission control regulations in the manufacturing process

All of them giving out opportunities to

enero 29, 2021

It is an strategic sofware piece for the cyber factory. Traditional MES are more operative systems filling the gap between the MRP-2 and the real-time that imperates in the shop floor, but the fact of having in Captor embebbed-friendly intelligent algorithms convert it in something valuable difference. Here’s why. The sense of the cyber factory is not only advanced flexible automation and its main cast the robotics, but the intention of having permanently under real-time control by humans its intrinsinc natural concurrent events as well. These events range from horrizontal and vertical SPC warnings and predictive machine and process reliability to flexible

diciembre 22, 2020

A vintage model of robust-durable comprehensible products

Time’s come for change. It had come yet, CV-19 is not even a pretext. Three arrows for the NBM (New business models):
  • Pure technology strategy
  • The commercial arrow strategy
  • The holistic asimmetric manufacturing strategy
And the push-pull prelations among them:
  1. The Technology strategy arrow for vintage Manufacturing
Key: THCT: Transverse hierarchical connected technology, with two well defined parts. The operation of the Part 1 heavily conditions the nature and limits of the Part 2. The new Vintage Design must be based

noviembre 27, 2020


En toda situación, y particularmente en tiempos de incertidumbre, es clave disponer de un cuadro de mando realista que apoye la toma de decisiones.
Sisteplant te ayuda a perfeccionar tu modelo de costes y presentar la información en “tiempo real” para su análisis a través de un roadmap progresivo elaborado a partir de nuestros más de 35 años de experiencia en el sector industrial. Extrae el máximo provecho de toda la información de costes

octubre 19, 2020

Is digitalization suitable for SMEs? Any company of any size can define a deep industry 4.0 transformation roadmap, or this is just a big players game? How to find what it takes to start a rollout? Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are at the core of business development in Europe. 25 million companies, producing 50% of European GDP and 2 out of 3 jobs are coming from SMEs. Digitalization should be the cornerstone for business success but somehow we need a final push to jump from the springboard, when it comes to implementation. What it brings. Clarifying goals to be achieved. Opportunities coming

octubre 19, 2020

Cyber factorys and the products they produce must go hand by hand, but not in a sense of superficial thinking as a “full intelligent” or sophisticated marriage. The vintage 50’s – 60’s time mirroed in products its own values, many of them rooted in the assumed by-present danger of the cold-war mutual anhilation:
  • Simple & reliable
  • Elegance and good-taste
  • Durable
  • Priced made
  • Delight eagerness with
Each product, whatever it was all about, deserved the expectation and a deep born desire of posession. Today, the trivialization of consumption, the almost always excesive futile ICT product automation, and the culture of low-price use and trash

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